Agentive future-making in mundane interactions: critical encounters as sites of concept formation - Lecture

Date de l'intervention : 20/11/2013 - 15:00 - Durée de la video : 1:48

Description :

The second lecture analyzes collaborative concept formation as agentive future-making. "The idea of "critical encounter", based on Vygotsky's principle of double stimulation, is introduced and modelled as genreic site of future-oriented concept formation. Related to Gutierrez's notion of "third space", a critical encounter is an event in which two or more relevant actors come together to deal with a problem that represents a potentially shared object and conflict of motives. In such a critical encounter, there is both complementarity and tension between the actors. To resolve the problem, the actors typically use mediating artifacts and draw on available source domains to take volitional action ans to conceptualize the situation. Critical encounter is a potentially powerful lens for examining and reshaping educational practices.

To examine the potential of the notion of critical encounter, the lecture applies it to an analysis of 26 videotaped home care encounters in which the nurse and the patient face the challenge of implementing a new toolkit practice of supporting the client's physical mobility. The analysis identifies actions of transformative agency and rudimentary future-oriented concept formation in the encounters.

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